How to do a Factory Reset of your FJ Gear

On occasion it may be necessary to reset the your FJ system lighting and triggering devices back to the Factory Defaults.  A reset will not affect the firmware version and may maintain other customized settings such as language choice. Channel, group and Camera brand choice will often need to be readjusted after a Factory reset.  


FJ-X2m- press the round horizontal button 2 and button 3 (under the C.Fn) simultaneously to enter the settings menu.  Once in the settings menu, press button 1 below the Reset button and then button 3 (OK) to return to the regular menu.

FJ-X3m- long press the Sync.Menu button and then press the down arrow on the control dial to highlight RESET Press the Ok button to turn the word NO to green.  Press the down direction once again to initiate change to word YES and press the OK center button to initiate the reset. You will be returned to the main menu. From there you will need to re-enter the Settings menu to adjust the camera choice (default is Canon) and other settings such as Canon RT-ID # for personal preferences. Return to the main menu and adjust the channel choice (default is 1) and Sync (default is HSS). A reset will not roll back the firmware. 

FJ-400 -Long Press the top round button (Menu) to the right of the screen.  This will take you to Menu 6 (Settings).  Once in the settings menu, Press the select button until you see the Factory Setting box and the corresponding box with the word NO highlighted.  Rotate the select wheel to display the word YES and then press the  wheel's center OK button to initiate the reset.  This process will power off the FJ400.  When powering back on, make sure to adjust the channel and group as the reset will default to channel 1 and Group A.    

FJ80 and FJ80vII-Press the Home button on the Speed Light.  Select settings.  On the FJ80 touch the Fac. Reset to highlight the box in the upper left corner.  On the FJ80II the reset box is at the bottom of screen 2 which is accessed via the down arrow touch button.  Once you press and highlight Factory Reset, touch the OK button to engage the reset.  Channel, group and camera choice may need to be adjusted after a Reset.  

FJ200-Press the large center control dial to enter the settings menu.  Rotate the Control Dial until the Factory Reset is highlighted.  Press the control dial to turn the box color blue and then rotate the dial to display the word YES. Press the control dial again to actuate the reset.  The display will return to the word NO.   Channel, group, and RT/ID may need to be adjusted while in the settings menu after a Reset. Press the small right hand round button to return to exit settings and return to the main menu.   

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