How to Set Up the Westcott Basics D5 with Softboxes

The Westcott Basics D5 offers 5 individual lamp sockets allowing for use with up to 5 50-watt daylight fluorescent lamps. These compact sockets are constructed with a heavy-duty ceramic base and are UL and CE certified for safety.

To begin assembly, locate the D5's softbox rods and thread the larger end through the rod sleeves and into the rod pockets located within the interior of the softbox. The smaller end of each rod should be exposed at the end of the box.

Place the softbox on a flat surface and begin inserting opposite rods into the D5's corresponding built-in rod receptacles until all rods are securely in place. You can now mount the D5 and D5 softbox to your preferred light stand with the D5's built-in thumb screw.

From there, bulbs may be installed (up to 50-watts in each socket) and the D5's placement may be adjusted via the built-in tilter bracket. Ensure that the back flaps are closed to prevent light spill and start shooting!

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