Using a Bare Bulb Speedlight with a Rapid Box

A Rapid Box Duo will work with bare bulb portable flashes like Q-flash and the many Godox 180/360 formulations like the Streaklight or Bolt models. Due to the configuration of these flash units, smaller versions of the Rapid Box Speedlight Boxes may not allow the bulb to fully enter into the back of the modifier. Mount for most units will mimic the speedlight setup in the above video but use only one of the 1/4"-20 thumb screws with the cold shoe removed.   The Norman and Lumendyne style heads would need a 1/4"-20 female to 1/4"-20 male spigot/stud (not supplied by Westcott) attached in place one of the cold shoes on the Rapid Box. The spigot would be attached to the base of the tilter with one of the included 1/4"-20 mounting thumb screws and the twin flash mounting arm would not be used.
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