Westcott Single Socket LED Lighting Kit Overview

This complete LED lighting kit is a must-have for any studio or location photographer. These continuous 35-watt LED lamps are daylight balanced and produce beautiful lighting for portraits, product photography, and more. Each lamp is made up of 64 durable light emitting diodes that are rated for 20,000+ hours of use. These LED bulbs are daylight-balanced and include a removable tungsten gel cap. This lighting system renders accurate skin tones with a 95 CRI rating.

The included Edison-style sockets feature a heat-resistant wooden handle, AC power cable, in-line cord switch, and built-in tilter bracket for perfect positioning. These sockets are compatible with standard fluorescents, photofloods, or the included LED bulbs up to 500 watts. Light output can be modified with the included fiberglass diffusion umbrellas. The durable 33" umbrellas expand and soften light for ideal portraits and product shots.

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