Westcott Flex LED X-Bracket Kit Overview

The Flex 1' x 1' X-Bracket Bi-Color Set is a versatile lighting bundle designed to give filmmakers and photographers the ability to create a powerful light source in virtually any location.

The Flex LED mat is an ultra-thin, flexible light source that's water-resistant and weighs less than 1 pound. Flex mats provide high-quality, flicker-free output up to 2000 lux at 1 meter. These fully-dimmable lights are available in daylight (5600K) or adjustable bi-color (2800-6000K) versions.

The X-Bracket Mount features a mounting clip, light stand adapter, easy-to-use bracket, and adjustable diffusion arms. This system quickly mounts Flex mats to stands, chairs, tables, or shelves and secures the included diffusion panel to soften light output.

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