Mounting Options for Portrait Lighting with the Zeppelin

Westcott Top Pro photographer Eric Eggly discusses the large variety of mounting options available with Westcott's Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softbox series.

Your light source can be mounted to the rear of the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softbox via the Zeppelin Yoke-Style Speedring Bracket. This will result in a soft, wraparound output.

Your light source can be mounted internally with a 2nd light stand via the Zeppelin's zippered entry point that is located on the bottom of the assembled softbox. Internal mounting gives a wide range of possibilities, with a more specular and direct output.

Your light source can also be mounted internally with the Zeppelin Mounting Arm. This preferred mounting method eliminates the use of a 2nd light stand and allows for easy light source adjustments.

Each Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softbox comes standard with both an inner and an outer diffusion panel. Experimenting with both the diffusion and the mounting of your light source can lead to a vast range of output styles.

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