Why Don't Printed Colors Match What I See on my Screen?

Colors viewed on a screen typically appear more intense or brighter than printed hues. Your screen is composed of pixels, which emit light and can display over 16 million colors. Printers can only reproduce a few thousand colors.
Unfortunately, we cannot print colors exactly as you see them on your screen. The printing process takes our digital artwork and produces backdrops using a combination of inks that most closely approximate the colors you see online. Our printed backdrops are often slightly darker, simply because backdrops do not emit light (unlike your computer, phone, or tablet).
The appearance of color on the pictures of our backdrops can also vary from screen to screen based upon  brightness settings and color calibration. We do our best to ensure that the images on our website match our printed backdrops as much as possible. If you are concerned about the color that you might receive, feel free to give us a call for more information.
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