How do I get the most full power flashes from my FJ80

The battery for the FJ80 is capable of several hundred full power flashes from a single charge.  There are however a few things that can influence the total number of flashes. 

To achieve a maximum number you should:

  1. Set the screen to level "1" (2 is the default) in the settings menu
  2. Use the FJ80 in speed light mode.
  3. Minimize use of the zoom feature
  4. Do not overheat the unit
  5. Power off the flash when not in use for an extended time. 
  6. Do not use the Modeling lamp for an extended time.
  7. Use the FJ80 within normal sync speeds. HSS requires multiple rapid flashes at higher power levels and adds heat, both deplete battery life at a faster pace.
  8. Use Manual power settings.  TTL adds a pre-flash which has a minimal effect on battery life.  

For larger shoots, always have spare batteries on hand.

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