Why is Canon Continuous shooting allowing only Manual strobe at lower power levels on my FJ units?

For early versions of the FJ firmware, In order to prevent misfires due to recycle rates and prevent TTL lag while using a fast continuous capture frame rate, the FJ triggering devices eliminate the communication required for TTL by switching to Manual and maintain strobe power levels that assure the flash recycles in time for each successive exposure.  The latest firmware has eliminated this restriction.  FJ users must now be aware that attempting to use higher power levels in Manual mode or when the TTL setting combined with low ISO and narrow apertures may result in misfires due to recycle times required. The FJ system strobes offer some of the fastest recycle times in the industry but they cannot maintain rates as high as the 10 to 20 frames per second available with today's cameras along with high power levels.  Setting the strobes to produce a power level of 3 or 4 should allow the fast frame rates without misfires due to recycle rates.  TTL is available may not be as consistent as it would be using single shot drive. 


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