What is Freeze Function?

The Freeze function provides the shortest duration of the flash in order to freeze extremely fast-moving things like moving water droplets. Standard Normal operation of a strobe provides a duration that will be fast enough for nearly all applications but in certain instances the freeze function can be used to shorten the duration even further.  

Typically, the Freeze function is employed in scenarios where ambient light is minimal to avoid light contamination from an existing source which may impact the image.  Normal shutter speeds and manual output on the strobes are required.  Remember, It is the flash duration that exposes the image for such a short time that determines the ability to freeze the object.  

The power level setting also will affect flash duration with the shortest durations at the lowest power levels.  

The FJ strobes in normal operations are set up to provide accurate and matching 5500k (+/-150) color across all power levels.  The color temperature when using the freeze function is significantly cooler and a custom white balance would be recommended.  

When utilizing Freeze with an FJ trigger, the function must be set on the trigger via the trigger's settings menu.  Powering off the trigger or scrolling the freeze function option to OFF will return the FJ system to normal (NOR) operations.   

Your FJ400 will display the FRE indicator and give a yellow text indicator of the flash duration when using the freeze function.    


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