Do Westcott Shallow Softboxes have the same effect as the more traditional style softbox?

Our Pro Shallow Softboxes are a unique industry favorite. They offer extremely soft light output with a slimmer profile. They fit into smaller studio spaces or tight locations. Our Shallow Softboxes work best with a constant light source like the Spiderlite TD6, where the light source itself is already very diffused and non-directional. When using studio strobes there is a benefit to using the more traditional standard depth softboxes. The increased depth allows the harder, more directional light from a strobe to both spread across the diffusion panel and bounce around before exiting the softbox. This produces a softer light than the strobe emits initially. To avoid a hotspot at the center of our traditional Pro Softboxes there is an inner baffle option to further diffuse the light and create an evenly spread light output. Our Shallow Softboxes are not equipped with an inner baffle.


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