Troubleshooting with Strobelite light heads

If a Strobelite or Strobelite Plus is not firing, first consider the below: 

  • Have the flash tube(s) been replaced recently? When replacing it is important not to make skin contact with the new bulb.  Also, the spring lock must remain attached for the tube to work.  Simply unhook and move the spring out of the way to remove the flash tube.  Then reattach the spring over the new flash tube after inserted.  
  • Does the fuse need replaced?  

    It's very important to make sure the light head is not plugged in when changing any bulbs or fuses!


If the above does not bring resolution, below are some troubleshooting steps you can take: 

  • Push the TEST button. Work?
  • Fire only using the light cell (sensor), no sync cord. Work?
  • Connect and fire using the sync cord. Work?
  • Fire using the TEST button with sync cord plugged in. Work?
  • Fire using the TEST button with sync cord unplugged. Work?
  • Turn knob counter-clockwise to completely dump all energy. - Turn off the unit completely, including both switches. - Completely unplug the cord from the head wall. - Reset both bulbs (modeling flash tube). - Check the fuse. - Plug everything back in. - Turn on the unit (both the strobe and modeling lamp) - Turn knob completely clockwise for FULL POWER. (Very Important - Repeat steps 1-3. Work? - Try with triggers. Work?

If none of the below have helped your Strobelite or Strobelite Plus to work properly, you're always welcome to contact customer service for a return authorization towards sending into our repairs department. 


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