FJ Wireless Guide to Optimal Performance

1.  Are all your FJ Wireless gear as well as your camera running the latest firmware?

2.  Is your FJ trigger or speed light mounted fully and in the correct alignment with your camera's hot shoe?  (see below for details) 

3. Have you tried a reset of the FJ gear to clear any inaccurate settings that may be affecting communication? 

4. Camera compatibility and settings are key to the best communication and performance. This FAQ section of Westcott's website has additional articles which may address your questions. Some also contain brand and camera model specific recommended in-camera settings.  

5. We highly recommend you download the USER MANUAL ( for in-depth guidance with your set up.

6. Wireless connectivity with the latest FJ gear is among the best in the industry.  Starting at channel 6 or above will allow you to adjust your wireless channel plus or minus 5 should you experience wireless interference on your FJ devices.  Scrolling to the bottom of the settings menu of an FJ trigger will reveal 3 recommended channel options. 

Firmware Updates

New Camera and new camera firmware releases often require updates to the Westcott FJ firmware in order to maintain compatibility.  Each FJ firmware update file contains a changelog file listing the update's purpose.  If your system is running well there is likely no need to install the update unless there are functionality improvements listed in the changelog that you would like to use.  When updating, make sure all your FJ gear is updated at the same time to avoid conflicts between the new firmware and older firmware running on other FJ devices.  If your camera's manufacturer releases an update, do not load it on day one.  Allow Westcott time to address any conflicts or FJ firmware update requirements which may be affected by the camera update.  If conflicts arise after a firmware update a redownload of the firmware from the website and a reinstall may be required.  Earlier versions of the firmware are available on the website or through Westcott Tech Support should you wish to roll back the firmware to earlier operating versions.  


In some instances the manufacturing of a particular model or camera unit, can result in the need for the user to pay special attention to the mounting process when attaching a FJ trigger or speed light to that camera's hot shoe.  Fuji-For Fuji cameras, a small lip may be noticed where the camera body meets the metal of the hot shoe.  A little extra force forward of the FJ gear to overcome that lip may be needed to fully mount the device.  Canon-Canon R series cameras with added pins at the front of hot shoe may give the impression that the FJ gear is fully mounted when in fact a small nudge forward may be needed to assure a full mount and proper contact.  Nikon-Nikon Z series cameras rarely experience connection issues with the latest FJ gear.  Older Nikon DSLR models may require a slight nudge backward of the FJ device before locking it down in order to assure a solid connection.  Sony-The pins at the base and front (Sony) of your FJ hot shoe mounted device must align with the contacts on your camera in order provide proper functioning.   The Sony pins at the front of hot shoe can become dirty over time and prevent proper connections.  Check that the pins are free of dirt and grime.  


A reset can remove settings that are not beneficial or interfere with your current setup.  It can also, similarly to a reboot of your computer, remove glitches.  Resets will not roll back your firmware but only restore the device default settings.  You may need to adjust the trigger's camera brand (default is Canon), channel (default is 1), Group (default is A) and sync (default is HSS) after a reset. 

Product manuals and FAQ

These two resources often contain the answers to questions and Best Practices for the proper operation of the FJ gear.   and   

When to contact customer service-If you have exhausted the first 6 steps in the process described above with no resolution, it's time to contact Westcott customer service. Email Westcott customer service through this link:, CHAT ONLINE with support from the Westcott website, or call 419-243-7311 during office hours.  The Facebook Westcott Lighting Community can be a great source for interacting and sharing personal gear experiences with other FJ users, but be cautious in getting help on this site. Always ensure you're getting factual data. Westcott representatives and authorized Top Pros usually show support to correct information given. 


Preparation for work with Westcott Support
The following information and preparation will aid Westcott Customer Service in assisting you:

  • Know the camera(s) brand & model you're using 
  • Have your camera & FJ Wireless gear you're using at hand when calling
  • Jot down the firmware version displayed on your FJ gear's opening screen.  (may have to power off then back on to see this)
  • Be prepared to share details of the actual setup. 

    Customer Service and Tech Support is available from 9 to 5 ET M-F. 


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