What are the options for triggering my Strobelite and Strobelite Plus?

Option 1: The Strobelite and Strobelite Plus both come with a PC Sync Cord (3.5mm 1/8in Male Mini to Male PC). If your camera has a female PC connection, the cord can be plugged directly into the camera. The low inline voltage of the cord connection from the strobe is less than 5 volts. This is considered safe for directly connecting to digital cameras. 

If you find that your camera does not have the female PC connection, you can utilize a Hot Shoe to Female PC adapter which can be found at most camera stores.

 Option 2: The Strobelite and Strobelite Plus both come with a built-in optical slave. The optical slave will fire any Strobelite from any other photography flash that fires within range and view of the Strobelite’s sensor. Additionally, Strobelite Plus sensors can be disabled to prevent accidental firing.  The ability to turn the optical slave on and off make the Stobelite Plus the  ideal choice when used around multiple light setups or flashes from third party speedlights or strobes. 

 Option 3: The Strobelite and Strobelite Plus can be radio-triggered by using any radio trigger and receiver system with a 3.5mm, 1/8in cord output option. The radio trigger should be placed on your cameras hot shoe with its receiver attached to the sync connection on the back of the Strobe.

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