What type of modifiers will the FJ400 Strobe accept? What are the limitations with the Westcott Collapsible Umbrella?

The FJ400 accepts Bowens S-type modifiers and speedrings. The FJ400’s extended flash tube placement ensures the best spread of light achievable in modifiers like Westcott Rapid Boxes (https://www.fjwestcott.com/shop/light-modifiers/rapid-box) and Studio Softboxes (https://www.fjwestcott.com/softboxes) when combined with the Bowens Insert (https://www.fjwestcott.com/switch-insert-godox-bowens) or speedring (https://www.fjwestcott.com/speedring). Standard hard reflectors and other accessories that employ the Bowens S-type mount can also be utilized.

The FJ400 also has an umbrella and umbrella-style modifier mounting system that employs a unique tensioner mechanism. The adjustable tensioner screw allows for secure mounting of larger umbrellas while maintaining a safety release in strong winds. The tension mechanism also helps protect the umbrella shaft from indentation due to over-tightening. The hexagonal shaft of the Westcott collapsible umbrellas limits the ability of these umbrellas to slide completely through the receptacle. However, the collapsible umbrellas can be inserted just into the receptacle.  Along with the included FJ400 magnetic reflector  (as a spill-kill), the resulting spread of light from the FJ400 will fill the collapsible umbrella evenly with little spillover.  For larger umbrellas, the included bowens style rapid box insert works well as a spill kill reflector as well.  

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