Do the FJ triggers and speed lights require specific in-camera menu settings to work efficiently in TTL and HSS?

All camera systems will benefit from the proper in-camera menu settings when used with wireless triggering of studio strobes and speed lights particularly when using TTL and HSS. As a multi-brand capable trigger, the FJ system requires those settings in-camera to enable the most accurate communication between the camera trigger and the FJ strobes.  Most of these in-camera settings can be saved as defaults. If you prefer, you may also save them as a separate custom profile on many cameras. Most in-camera menus should be set to the following:

Flash: Enable

Shutter Mode: Mechanical if available otherwise E-Front Curtain Shutter 

Flash Mode: Fill

Flash Mode Rear Curtain operation: set on FJ trigger for all cameras except Sony.  Use Flash Mode menu set to REAR on Sony for rear curtain operations.  

Silent Shutter: Off/Disabled

Red Eye reduction-Off/Disabled

Wireless Flash: Off

Flash sync Auto FP 1/250 (Nikon and Fuji) to enable HSS


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