How does the FJ-X2m Wireless Radio Trigger work if I own a Nikon camera?

Set the FJ-X2m trigger to "Nikon". To enable HSS for Nikon cameras, use the in-camera menu system to set the Flash Sync Speed setting to “1/250s (Auto FP)”. Your Nikon camera will then automatically adjust your trigger and strobe into the High-Speed Sync setting when you advance the shutter speed above 1/250 of a second.

Standard in-camera menu settings apply. Silent shutter, e-front curtain off, red eye reduction off and ensuring that your FJ-X2m is aligned properly to the Nikon hot shoe and engaging the multi-pin mechanism is critical for proper communication and preventing misfires.   

Initial communication for some Nikon bodies (not model related) experiencing connection issues may be solved with a small adjustment to the hotshoe mounting position for your FJ-X2m.  On these bodies, nudge the trigger slightly back from the front of the camera's hotshoe to allow the locking pin of the FJ-X2m to engage properly.  Engaging the Nikon creative lighting system may override and control the FJ-X2m trigger settings.  

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