What is the suggested White Balance when using the FJ system?

The FJ strobes and Speed Light have extremely stable color output over the entire power range. Westcott suggests either doing a custom white balance or setting your camera’s white balance to 5500K or to the Daylight icon. Image processing programs, monitor calibration, lenses and camera sensors can all affect viewing of the image.   

For best results, we do not suggest using the in-camera Auto WB. In Auto WB The color of the image will often be influenced by the subject matter’s color which can change from scene to scene and will therefore not be determined by the consistent light produced by the FJ system. Modern Auto White Balance systems are much more accurate with their interpretation of a scene but are unlikely to provide the consistency of the FJ system strobes. One exception to this is when the Ambient (existing light) is providing the main light source while the FJ gear is used only to fill the shadow areas or add a sparkle to the eyes.  In these instances, a WB setting which is closest to the main source may be recommended. Auto White Balance on many cameras will default to "Flash" WB when a speed light or trigger is detected in the hot shoe.  This will provide a slightly warm fill when using an FJ strobe and may be useful in many cases.

However, a custom WB would be recommended if you are trying to overcome a strong tint from existing light as in under a sunlit green tree as the "Flash" default of the automatic setting will not diminish the green tint. 

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 Please note that while Westcott modifiers  are renowned for their color neutrality, using off-brand modifiers may add a color (CCT) or tint shift which would require a custom white balance of the camera to maintain a neutral output.

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