How "universal" is the FJ-X2m Wireless Radio Trigger?

The FJ-X2m can be used on virtually all cameras with a triggering hot shoe mount for communicating with the FJ400 strobe. Advanced functions like High-Speed Sync and TTL are available on many cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony*, Panasonic Lumix, Fuji, and Olympus.

Other brands and cameras can take advantage of the remote power adjustments, color consistency, freeze function, fast recycle time, and many other advanced features available in the Manual mode of the FJ400 along with the FJ-X2m trigger.

Tested compatible cameras have gone through a 47 frame protocol for consistency in HSS, and TTL.  A list of these cameras can found on the FJ Wireless System Compatibility page


If your camera is a recent camera from any of the supported systems and does not appear, it may still be compatible with the trigger, however, total compatibility has not been confirmed by the Westcott technical team.  More cameras will be added as they are assessed and confirmed.

* Requires FJ Wireless Adapter for Sony Cameras



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