Is the FJ-X2m Wireless Radio Trigger compatible with the Canon RT system? Can I control Canon Speedlites with the FJ-X2m Trigger?

The “Canon RT” choice on the FJ-X2m is designed to work with Canon cameras with Canon RT speedlites alongside the FJ400.  You can also use the FJ-X2m as a triggering, mode selection (TTL or Manual), and remote power adjustment control for Canon RT speedlites and a Canon camera independent of the FJ400. Please note that the Canon RT system, whether using a Canon RT trigger or the FJ-X2m with “Canon RT” selected, has a minimum power adjustment of 1/128 which corresponds to power level 2 on the FJ400 Strobe. Standard in-camera menu settings apply.  The RT system will only support channels 1-15.  When switching between RT and Canon camera choices on a regular basis, use a channel 1-15 so both choices are supported.  


Before beginning the process, you may find it beneficial to reset the trigger to factory defaults.   To do this press horizontal button 2 and button 3 (under the C.Fn) simultaneously to enter the settings menu.  Once in the settings menu, press button 1 below the Reset button and then button 3 (OK) to return to the regular menu.  

Connecting Your Canon RT System to the FJ400 Strobe

Next, make sure your trigger’s camera choice on the FJ-X2m is set to Canon RT. Then, in the trigger’s opening menu, select your channel (1-15) by pressing on the middle button for "CH" and scrolling to your channel choice. If a music note (♫) icon is visible at the bottom of your FJ-X2m screen instead of “CH”, press the Menu button once to return the screen to the opening menu. Once the channel is set on your FJ-X2m trigger, press and hold the middle and right buttons simultaneously (below the "C.Fn") to enter the setup menu. Scroll to “RT ID#” and press the scroll wheel to activate the RT ID#. Then, scroll to select an RT ID#. Hit the "OK" button to return to the main menus.

Connecting Your FJ400 to the FJ-X2m Trigger

On the FJ400, press the “MENU 1” button to switch to and enter the “MENU 2” screen.  At least one strobe or speedlite should be set to Group "A" when using the FJ-X2m triggers, so assign Group "A" in “MENU 2” of the strobe and make sure the group is active on the trigger (not displaying  --).

Set your FJ400 to the same channel (CH) and same RT ID# as selected on the FJ-X2m trigger. Press the “CH” button under  MENU 2 to highlight your channel. Use the control dial to scroll to the same channel as you set on the trigger. Press the button centered in the control dial to enter your choice of channel.   Now, press the “ID/RT” button to highlight your ID#. If no ID# menu is visible press and HOLD the button to generate and highlight this option. Use the wheel to scroll and select the same ID# that you set on the trigger. Press the button centered in the control dial enter your choice for the RT/ID  (If pressing the “ID/RT” button does not highlight the ID# icon on the screen and prevents you from setting your ID#, return to “MENU 1” and ensure that the Wireless button reads “TLL/ALL”. If it reads “OFF”, press the button to enable the wireless function.) 

 Once the channel and RT ID# on the trigger and strobe are matching, your FJ-X2m and FJ400 will indicate a connection by highlighting “Canon-RT” green on the trigger and “ID/RT” green on the strobe. If the green indication does not occur after about 3 seconds, press the ID/RT button on the strobe to reboot the connection.


Connecting Your RT Speedlites to the FJ-X2m Trigger

Turn on your RT Speedlite and press the double arrow link button until “ETTL” or "M" appears in the upper left corner, “slave” appears in the center of the screen and the wireless symbol (not the lightning bolt) is in the upper right corner.


Choose a group assignment using the “Gr” button. Canon RT will allow groups to be set between A and E. Typically you will want your speedlite set to a different group than your FJ400. Make sure the group chosen is activated on the trigger (not displaying -- or SLP). Press the “MENU 1” button on the speedlite twice to enter “MENU 3”. Once in Menu 3, press the “CH" button and set the channel to the same one as the strobe and trigger. Press the “ID” button and set the RT/ID to the same one as set on the strobe and trigger. The link LED on your speedlite should now be green to confirm the link.

Limits of the RT System Which Affect the FJ-X2m Trigger

When using the Canon RT setup with the FJ400(s) and multiple RT speedlites, the FJ-X2m triggers, the test button may not fire all the connected flashes.   Test firings with the "Canon RT" camera selection should be done via the camera's shutter release.   Canon's "RT" system is not compatible with multi-brand cameras and should not be combined with other brands of cameras when triggering an FJ400. The Canon RT system, whether using a Canon RT trigger or the FJ-X2m with “Canon RT” selected, has a minimum power adjustment of 1/128 which corresponds to power level 2 on the FJ400 Strobe. Remote toggling of the FJ400 modeling light and audible beep are also disabled when using the RT setting. When using the FJ400 and FJ-X2m trigger independent of any RT speedlites, using the "Canon" camera choice on the trigger is recommended. Exiting the Canon RT camera selection to change to "Canon" or other brand choices will require you to reboot (turn off and restart) the FJ400 in order to disable the ID function and assure connectivity.


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