Update, Update, Update

Cameras, triggers, strobes, and other electronic gear should always be running the latest available firmware in order to assure the best operation.  Check your camera manufacturer's website for the latest firmware. 

Westcott firmware updates and complete upgrade instructions for all Westcott products are now found on the firmware download page: https://www.fjwestcott.com/firmware 


Updates should be completed using the USB-A to USB-C cord included with the Strobe and Trigger.  Using other connectors may result in error messages. 

When updating the FJ-X2m trigger, after plugging the USB-A side of the cord into your computer, you must press and hold the round button furthest to the right on the trigger before and while inserting the cord into the trigger.  Inserting the cord prior to holding the button will not allow the firmware to be uploaded.  

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