Wrinkle-Resistant Background Care

Congratulations on investing in a Westcott wrinkle-resistant background!  The background is wrinkle-resistant in that small wrinkles are hidden from the camera lens by the texture.  Note you have to use the textured side, not the flat side, for this effect. Because the retail packaging requires the backgrounds to be tightly folded, the deep creases are the largest interruption.  

TO REMOVE INITIAL CREASES FROM PACKAGING:  You can fold the background in the opposite direction of those folds and leave in that position for a day (or as long as possible).  You might also need to (or can start with) a steamer on the flat side while the background is hanging to remove the deep folds. Alternatively, it can also be tossed in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes with a clean, damp wash cloth or hand towel.  Its best stored loosely wadded up in a storage bag such as our # 7005, then you should be able to hang and shoot in the future with minimal or no steaming. Do not fold or even roll for storage.  Also, pulling tight on the background when hung up helps give a clean, smooth appearance!   

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